“Rainbow Secure specializes in Identity and Access Management, Login Security, Zero-trust, Single Sign-on, MFA and Cyber Risk Mitigation. We are using the Fyrii platform to reach new customers, partners, and industry experts in a scalable and seamless way. The dynamic portfolio and content help us find verifiable partners and expertise and at the same time, strengthen our brand’s presence as well!”

Nehal Mehta, CEO, Rainbow Secure

“Fyrii combines elements of Reddit, quora, Github, and Medium with added functionalities to enable technologists to monetize their expertise while helping corporations find and work with tech experts in efficient ways.”

Anne F. Kennedy, President & Managing Director of Masters Fund

Why Fyrii?

R&D Leaders

Find reputable, field-tested Product SMEs to help you enable new cutting-edge products and features quickly.


R&D Leaders

Find reputable, field-tested Product SMEs to help you enable new cutting-edge products and features quickly.

Product SMEs

Easily earn income and establish your expertise by creating digital products and sharing your knowledge and skills with the world.


Tech Marketers

Get your products into the hands of capable experts for hands-on reviews and organic promotion.


Who's on Fyrii?

AI Engineers

Cloud Architects

IT specialists

ML Engineers

Cybersecurity Engineers

Product Architects

Cloud Computing Specialists

How can Fyrii Help Me?

Subject Matter Experts

You’ve already been sharing your knowledge and helping others with helpful videos, tutorials, documents, projects and ad hoc consulting work.

Fyrii pulls all of this together into a portfolio that earns you money, helps you find new opportunities to work with amazing companies, and helps establish your brand as a Subject Matter Expert.

Let’s see a resume do that.



Your customers are constantly demanding new, disruptive products and features – How can you possibly keep up?

Hiring highly-specialized SMEs can take months or years, and picking up one-off freelancers can be risky. Fyrii helps you form relationships with the Product SMEs you need by seeing their whole body of work.

SMEs can help your team by providing valuable resources, consultation, and even authentic product testing, marketing, and promotion to help your product go to market successfully.


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