How to skip the Recession: Optimizing Your Sales Talent to Thrive in the Uncertainty of COVID-19

By Aishwarya Suresh and Sumer Sen, Fyrii

Recent college graduates, experienced industry professionals, and students looking for internships alike are all pondering over the same question: “What will COVID-19 do to our job market?” Many companies are facing budget cuts and some of the most experienced talent are facing layoffs. College students are having nightmares of their internships being cancelled-- and who can blame them? After all, it is often these pivotal internships that lead to full time offers. Not to mention the plight of the class of 2020, who expected to enter one of the best job markets, but were instead hit with a recession. However, one of the most impacted functions of a business due to COVID-19 is arguably sales. In a time when many businesses are surviving paycheck-to-paycheck, qualifying and generating leads has become increasingly difficult for several industries. Although some industries are suffering more on this end than others, in general most industries have seen a decrease in sales due to this pandemic.

Several industries such as fashion and retail were either ill-equipped in terms of ecommerce and closed down their stores, or focused their energy toward producing more personal protective equipment (PPE). With about 90% of the United States being in shelter-in-place orders, fewer shoppers are in stores and the retail industry has taken a massive hit. However, with schools and colleges shifting to online learning and boredom causing people to pull out their credit cards, ecommerce and EdTech have significant sales and growth potential. In addition, the sudden shift to remote work may completely transform organizational culture and make working from home more acceptable, thus making delivery services more robust and mainstream. But, what about life post-Coronavirus? It is likely that the need for more robust supply chains will come to light as businesses pivot to fit the current market. In addition, tele-health will become more widespread and governments will shift to more digital platforms, which may help the Technology industry thrive. In such uncertain times and market conditions, being on the frontlines as a salesperson can be difficult: if your industry is thriving, you are the first to feel it, but conversely, if your company and industry is taking a major blow, you are also the most impacted. vendors, practictioners, customers flow As sales professionals across the country face layoffs and a loss of customers, sales opportunities in this new market can be scarce. However, in the industries that have been able to expand and increase sales, there is an opportunity for experienced sales people to generate cash and connections. You may possess the skills and talent to sell multiple products; what if you were empowered to do so and were not married to one specific company-- or even an industry?

One can achieve all this by becoming a freelance sales practitioner. A freelance sales practitioner can partner with multiple enterprises at a time to work on getting their products in front of more customers. By skipping the traditional hiring process and securing contracts to sell products for reputable companies, sales practitioners are able to create new opportunities for themselves, no matter the market conditions. This also benefits vendors by eliminating the cost of hiring full-time professionals, who receive a base pay, which sets up for a nonperformance and a cash negative model. The diagram below illustrates the role of a freelance sales practitioner in connecting vendors to customers. vendors and customers So how does one become a sales practitioner and take up paid sales projects? To get started, the most important thing is having easy accessibility to companies that are willing to onboard freelance sales practitioners. A multidimensional platform such as Fyrii, a startup connecting vendors and customers through sales practitioners, would be your best bet. So why practice sales on Fyrii’s platform? Firstly, sales practitioners get to choose that they want to sell. The freedom to work with enterprises that interest you is extremely valuable, as it helps you become more passionate about your work and maximize your learning opportunities. Fyrii also utilizes a unique pricing model where practitioners are paid a 10% of the revenue of each sale, allowing you to set your own quotas and have complete control over the products you are selling. All it takes to get started selling on Fyrii is an online training session and a test to measure if a sales practitioner has had adequate training. To learn more about how Fyrii works check out the diagram below and visit fyrii graph Although COVID-19 has been a very trying time for families and businesses alike, particularly on sales practitioners. Here at Fyrii, we urge you to stay competitive in the market by diversifying your vendors as well as your clientele through a freelance sales practitioner model, which will allow you to learn and grow as a sales practitioner while not having to worry about your product’s cycle. In other words, we hope our platform will allow you to express the extent of your skills and effectively “skip” the recession. Above all, we hope you and your families stay safe!